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Spinal Manipulation (Grade V)

This two-day course gives participants the practical skills needed to safely and effectively perform localised spinal manipulation (grade V) techniques. Indications, precautions, and contraindications are discussed. Case studies are used to illustrate selection of techniques and develop clinical reasoning. The evidence base supporting manipulative techniques in the treatment of the spinal dysfunction is presented. The number of participants is limited to 12 to ensure a high level of supervision and feedback.

Indicative Content

  • Relevant anatomy & biomechanics
  • Manipulation background & theory
  • Lumbar spine passive testing & grade V techniques
  • Thoracic spine passive testing & grade V techniques
  • Assessment of cervical artery dysfunction
  • Upper cervical stability tests
  • Cervical spine passive testing & grade V techniques
  • Case studies
  • Evidence base
This course introduces participants to grade V manipulation and is aimed at physiotherapists with basic manual therapy skills.

Comments from previous course participants:
  • "Great balance between theory and practice."
  • "Lots of 1:1 supervision."
  • "Clear demonstrations and adequate time provided to practice."
  • "Knowledgable tutor who could explain clearly at appropriate level."
  • "Built up my confidence - especially with cervical manipulations."

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